Photo engraving in glass

My glass gift is an online store specializing in the sale of personalized photo gifts and photo engraving on glass: personalized glass trophy, glass photo frame, 3D keychain… whether to celebrate a birth, a wedding, a birthday, valentine’s day… or just please a friend or loved one!

Burn photos: The manufacturing process

We will explain in detail the whole process that allows us to reach such a result, from placing an order, including engraving a photo on glass, to the shipment of your personalized gift in glass.

Reception & preparation of the photo for glass engraving

After choosing your personalized glass gift that you want to offer, you attach a photo, in some cases a text, then place an order. Then we receive and open your photo in jpg, tiff or png format depending on what you have chosen to send us. We then process it on [Photoshop]. Taken in hand by a photo computer expert, your photo is resized and cropped to be able to perfectly adapt to the engraved glass gift you have chosen. Indeed, the same photo will be reworked differently depending on whether you have chosen a small photo key holder, an engraved glass paperweight. In the case of the 3d keychain, for example, our expert will refocus the photo on the face, in the case of a glass photo frame we will engrave the entire photo. If we have the slightest doubt about the possibility of using your photo for photo engraving on glass, if for example it is too blurred, we will not fail to contact you by e-mail or telephone so that you send us a new photo. It is essential for us that you are satisfied, that is why we pay great attention to all the details. After this first work of refocusing, the photo is put in bitmap. We export the photo into an image with a multitude of engraving impact points, which will then be used for the laser machine used to burn photos.